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About Us

About Us.

Influencer Hero a NC Media Company. We started out as a traditional digital marketing agency (NC Media Group) managing influencer marketing campaigns for various clients from blue chip companies all the way to brands which were just starting out.

As the demand towards influencer marketing significantly increased we observed how upcoming D2C brands had the highest potential to build lasting relationships with influencers but often didn’t proceed because of high agency fees.

This was a problem our Team desperately wanted to solve which is why we launched Influencer Hero. A simple and easy to use ALL-IN-ONE creator management platform accessible to all brands no matter the size of the company.

Based on our experience working with millions of influencers we have prepared all the steps for you so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Sign up, build and scale your influencer marketing program and become a social first brand!

What has been exclusively available to the largest advertising companies and their clients is now accessible to all companies big or small!

Schedule a Demo today. We are happy to welcome you to the creator economy!

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